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Every woman has an orgasm every man claims that that they faked and never happens: Court of Auditors but from what that means. So said Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally. In aftrekfilms Yolanthe sometimes also admits to faked an orgasm. She is, in fact, be crazy on sex. The 22-year-old brunette, who has a relationship with singer Jan Smit writes in her column in Glossy monthly magazine that even men sometimes faking their orgasms. "I recently read that if men off their condom immediately after sex and direction, the chance is very large trash that they have had no orgasm!", she writes. Regret comes only after the deed, they sang a song once. But for this the ' Golden Cage ', from Mrs that more actions. She has wreaked havoc in the tv program so firmly that they even became pregnant with There, she has no regrets, however, of all those sex on tv with her in the lead role. "When I talk about would do, I would do private," says the 22-year-old Nadia. Thus denoting the become pregnant under the eye of millions of tv viewers. I never get enough of frame which States what you all to good things for your body if you have sex. Such as the fact that you with 3 x per week lovemaking 7500 calories consumed. Furthermore, the leaner and stronger bones and muscles. Also increases the testosterone level and that is beneficial to bones and muscles strong. Especially men benefit. Delicious right? A good reason to make love as much as possible. How you are so naive as a cauliflower can be, is a mystery to me. But in Brussels the women who have sex with their landlord. It is shown that many immigrant women pay the rent in Brussels. They enable their bodies available to the landlord for a free living room. How many women their body "sell" is difficult to estimate, so says Nicky Nasci of Budts. By fear of circumcision or by living in war zones like Congo, Niger, Rwanda or Sierra Leone, the African women towards Belgium flights. The women have a ' looser ' sexual morality and see sex with a man as a chance of survival.